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We offer the most efficient and effective solutions. Thanks to the cooperation with technologists and manufacturers respected around the world, we provide your machines with the best oils, greases and preparations necessary on production lines.

What can you expect from us?

Professional consultancy. Clear terms and conditions of cooperation. Openness to your needs. Products verified and regularly tested in the laboratories. Reply to every question which bothers you. Delivery in 24 hours.

How can we help you?

Before we offer you a product, we check precisely what you need.

We know that the system requirements change with time.
We know that continuous monitoring of performance, quality and parameters ensures stable operation.

We know that our consultants are experienced and the best at what they do.

Cooperating with us, you can forget about maintenance of machines and production system. No longer you miss the date to change a coolant, grease or filters. You won’t experience defects, corrosion and components damaged by an improper oil. Your production line won’t stop because of a failure, your machine won’t break down.

What can we offer you?

The following product categories are only a part of our product range. We provide all branches of industry, transport, as well as, individual clients with full service of lubricant selection, supply and delivery.

  • Oils for molds and ceramic products: perfectly smooth mold without stain and stench. Yes, we can do it! Biodegradable? No problem.
  • Oils for food industry: paraffin, vaseline, with approvals and certificates!
  • Engine oils: single-grade and multi-grade oils, for engines with a particulate filter or without, meeting all EURO, DPF, EGR and SCR standards – it is not a secret for us! for machines, trucks, passenger cars and heavy equipment. We have everything!
  • Hydraulic oils: HL, HM/HLP, HLPD, HV, HVI, ZV/ZF (Zinc-free), biodegradable
  • Industrial gear oils: CKC, CLP
  • Mechanical gear oils GL-4, GL-5, synthetic
  • Oils for heavily loaded gears: TO-4
  • Multipurpose oils: UTTO, STOU
  • Metalworking oils: emulsifying and non-emulsifying
  • Greases: lithium, graphite, white, Teflon, chain lubricating and multipurpose oils, ŁT4S3, ŁT43, EPX00/000, EP2/3
  • Fluids and concentrates for windscreen washers and radiators: G12, G13, G14
  • And also: Adblue, petroleum naphtha, gloves, barrel pumps, penetrants


If you want to join the group of our special customers, please contact us by phone or Email.

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